Smart Self-disinfection System

Groundbreaking technology to disinfect AVA on a daily basis.

LUXAMAX AVA is currently the only beauty tech in the world that features a built-in advanced UVC self-disinfection system to keep it ultra-hygienic after each treatment, making AVA the celebrity of cleansing devices.

Every cleansing brush needs a self-disinfection system!

Although AVA’s cleansing and massaging treatment head contains non-porous FDA-grade silicone which makes it super hygienic, it’s still possible that if you have an active breakout on your face, you could spread that bacteria to another area of your face and re-infect yourself, or even let that bacteria fester on the surface of your brush. Additionally, when you put your device in the bathroom, more than 10 million bacteria may call it home!

How does this technology work?

Designed to be an ultimate hassle-free clean device, AVA features an outstanding automated UVC self-disinfection system to keep it completely bacteria-free. The disinfection technology used in AVA has been widely utilized for decades in hospitals and in the aircraft industry to break down the DNA of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Furthermore, UVC light has recently been shown to efficiently kill COVID-19.

Key Benefits in UVC Mode

Chemical-free and environment-friendly

The most effective disinfection method

Safe technology that won’t contact or harm eyes

How to sanitize your AVA

You don’t need to wash your brush treatment head with any special anti-microbial cleanser ever again. Now you can benefit from it at the comfort of your own home as a technology to thoroughly sanitize your gorgeous AVA!

As AVA is invented for personal use, its fundamental self-disinfection system is designed to be 100% safe.
Having a smart built-in sensor, it automatically activates when you put the UVC cap on the silicone head, leaving your AVA thoroughly sanitized.
Could it be any safer and more convenient?!