Smart Self-sanitizing System

Groundbreaking technology to Sanitize AVA on a daily basis.

Designed to be an ultimate hassle-free clean device, AVA features an outstanding automated UVC self-sanitizing system to keep it completely bacteria-free after each treatment.

AVA’s self-sanitizing UVC technology has been widely utilized for decades in hospitals and the aircraft industry, making it a reliable and efficient solution to break down the DNA of germs, bacteria, and viruses. You can rest assured that your AVA device will provide you with a hygienic and effective skincare experience every time.

Every Facial brush needs a self-sanitizng system!

While AVA’s PURIFY head is made from non-porous, FDA-grade silicone, which makes it super hygienic, it’s still possible to spread bacteria during treatment if you have an active breakout on your face. This could lead to re-infection or bacterial growth on the surface of the brush. Additionally, when you place your device in the bathroom, more than 10 million bacteria may call it home!

Key Benefits in UVC Mode

Chemical-free and environment-friendly

The most sanitization method

Safe technology that won’t contact or harm eyes